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Experience refused?

Your experience has been refused? There must be a reason for that

Because we care for the travelers

 We don't like to see ourselves as dictators with unlimited powers on this website. But we considered as necessary to be able to refuse an experience when we believe it overpass the borders of the concept.

In most of the case, refusing an experience is the result of a proposal which include very unrelated content to a pleasant travel experience between a local and a traveler. It might fall in one of these categories:


  • Advertising (for a bar, a transportation service, a tour guide company...)
  • Activities forbidden by the law of the country where the experience take place (including drugs, weapon, violence...)
  • Content encouraging to use a different communication mean (By email for example. We don't want our users to be abused of the website)


However, if you still feel that your experience should not have been refused and is really worth sharing with the community, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to discuss the details of the rejection with you.


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