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Discovering Welcomango

A simple first approach of the idea behind this website

Welcomango is aiming to propose a simple and intuitive experience so that travelers ands local have a chance to meet and share their perception of a place. Bored of traveling with guides or blog post visited a million time? Welcomango allows you to explore a destination through the eyes of a local in a few click. Follow the five steps to get started!


1 - Type your next destination


How could it be simpler? If you already have a trip planned or if you already know what is your next destination, just type the name of the city in the search box! If the welcomango community has planted its seeds there, the locals should show up. 

No idea yet?: Go to the experience page and search by tags or dates to find people with common interests willing to show you how their city can be interesting in a specific way!


2 - Find a local who match your interests


Anyone registered on the website can propose what we call an experience. We do not control experiences, we do not exert any kind of influence and we only moderate in case of very inappropriate language or images.

These experiences reflect one's unique perception of a city. It may be through a passion like arts, sports, nature, food, or it may simply be the way this person lives and enjoys his city. We believe everybody has something to share about his place as soon as he has lived there for some time. That's why anyone can become a member of the community and propose an experience (and if you doubt this, go read Me? Showing my city? right now!)

Once you found the perfect match, send him a booking request with a message and some details about the meeting (such as how many persons will be there and for how long. We like the idea that people can manage their time the way they want). As soon as it's accepted, things can become serious! 

3 - Book and meet the person and enjoy your visit


Now it's all about the fun! Decide of a meeting point and enjoy a unique visit of your destination!

You know better that us, it's not only about the city but mostly about the people. And now you have the possibility to enjoy both without having to fight cultural bareers or shyness.

Eventually, pay a contribution to your new local friend according to what was decided and go back home richer than ever.

4 - Give a feedback to the person you met


Welcomango as we dream it is only made of super nice people. But some might not be as optimistic as we are. So we give you the opportunity to give a feedback about the person you met. Although, we are not fond of rating systems and we don't want the travelers to become overpowered judges while the locals would fall in some sort of servitude. That's why both locals and travelers can rate each others. This way people can learn more about how a potential visitor is and make sure things are going to be alright.

5 - Propose an experience in your own city 


We would all love to be travelers 24/7, all year long. But it's not the reality for most of us. So while you are back home, planning on your next trip, how about giving some of your time to propose an experience in your own city?

We all have something to show about our place and you are no exception, you just need opportunities to share this knowledge. Welcomango allows you to define a very precise period during which you are available whether it's only on saturday afternoon or during work days in the early morning (for those who love hiking, running or photographing). 

Convinced? Time to get started!



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