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In a few words

Welcomango? Is that a fruit company?

Hmm... nope. And we're definitely not the "Uber of tourism" either

As travelers ourselves, we enjoy visiting places through the eyes of a friend who know the city. But since we don't have friends all over the world, it is unfortunately not something we could do. That's the reason why we made Welcomango. We wanted to build a community which could recreate this experience anywhere, anytime, with people willing to share their time as well as their perception of the place they live in.  

And that's what Welcomango is. A platform where you can find people eager to show you how they experience and love their city. And where you can also share a vision of your own city by proposing an experience.

But don't get us wrong, the people you'll find here are no professional guides and they don't claim to be. In fact, they are not guides at all. They are the human face of their city and we enforce this idea by allowing anyone registered on Welcomango to propose an experience. Because we believe traveling is a two sides adventure where you should both take and share.

And because we believe any work deserve compensation, we let our users decide if they want to be rewarded for their work and how. So they can ask for a financial compensation but they can also ask you to bring something from your place to enforce the cultural exchange.

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