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Proposing an experience

Me guide? But I ain't got nothing to show!

Proposing an experience of your city, a not as complicate task as you imagine it

Most of the time when we suggested the idea of Welcomango to travelers, adventurers or even random friends who like to travel from time to time, they loved the idea. But when it came to proposing a tour of their city, a lot of them had the same answer:

Me? But I don't know anything about this city! What could I show? people would get bored!

Well, that the whole point of Welcomango. It's not because you don't know when your city was build, who was the last mayor and when the main square was built that you don't have anything to give to travelers. Actually, that's even better that way!





You may ignore it, but you actually know a lot about your city. And when I say a lot, it's A LOT! You've probably been around for some time and I am sure you experienced the city in many ways. Let us show you what you probably already did:

  • You got lost in your city. And discovered some weird spots that are still in your mind
  • You had a marvelous dinner with friends at this super cool place which you loved
  • You played with your basketball team in a full of screet-art area which blew your mind
  • You shopped in this really cute shop, lost in the suburb, which sells such awesome items
  • You had a drink (or more?) with people you like and enjoyed the music in this underground place you would have never suspected to exist
  • Talking about music, you probably went to see concert in a pub and discovered a magical band


And of course, you lived the city. You got used to its public transport delay. You worked or studied in a specific place with a great sandwich-bar which fulfilled your stomach so many times without killing your budget. If you've been living here for a long time maybe you also know this place where your grand father used to paint. And the beauty of this is that everywhere you go, you write little stories, you experience the city, its habits, its culture, and that gives you plenty of anecdotes to tell.

See the point? If you like the place where you live it's because you make it beautiful.


You already have something to show, and that's exactly what we want you to share.


Now, think about it the other way around. Read what is listed above and imagine yourself discovering a new place through these spots. Wouldn't it be awesome? Sit with someone living in the city in a bar he randomly discovered? Go to a concert in a place that doesn't even have a Facebook page? See where this person's grand father used to fight for revolution? How exciting right?

I'm sure you now understand why we wanted Welcomango to exist and what it really is. In a few words: It's about experiencing places through people and their perspective of the place they inhabit


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